Jan 12, 2020

Chapter 1:: What are You Two Doing? [ Eng vers ]

Title: 你们两个在干什么
Author: 碳酸
Length: 10 chapters
Genre: Sweet, School life, danmei
Type: Short series
Original Language: Chinese
Status: End
Translated by Chocosalty

Gong: Huo Chen x Shou: Lu Yi


"Representatives of the math class come here and share the math test paper last week, this time the question is difficult, the highest score of our class is Huo Chen, 130 points, it's worthy of praise,"

BUGH! A pile of mathematics examination papers with white chalk ash fell to the front of Lu Yi.

Lu Yi coughed twice.

Yes, unfortunately he is a representative of the mathematics class.

Ranks second in the class, and will never exceed his desk mate, Huo Chen.

Lu Yi returned to his seat with the results of the 108 point examination paper, and his heart was not willing.

He remembered seeing Huo Chen's answer and there were some questions that were not filled. How so high?

Curiosity pushed him to elbow his table mates. "Huo Chen, you didn't fill in a few questions but how is your score so high?"

Huo Chen slowly woke up from sleepiness, and responded lazily, "Huh, I really didn't fill in a few questions."

Huo Chen pushed his examination paper to Lu Yi as proof, "This and this, I didn't fill it." After that, he fell asleep again on the table.

Lu Yi looked at the red circle on the answer sheet that showed four wrong questions.

More precisely, this person was not wrong four times but emptied four multiple choice questions.

The teacher explained before the test, the choice of the title of this question, would not be accompanied by a quarter of the possible target, this person did not even fill it out, immediately emptied, so impressive.

Lu Yi was astonished, was this the pride of a top student?

He looked at Huo Chen in awe. Great God! Extraordinary!

The Great God is still sleeping, and he did not listen to the teacher class till end.

He must have jumped the wall and gone to play last night.

Huo Chen always left at night following a group of Internet addicts, the pitch black troops jumped out of the wall to play games.

When he returns, he will sleep in early morning class, then sleep four lessons in the morning class, and wake up in the afternoon.

Lu Yi broke his finger, counting how long Huo Chen didn't learn today, how high the efficiency of his study was, he looked out the window.

Is it shy high!?

The second class ended, Huo Chen woke up, his expression was strange, quite interpreted going to the toilet.

Lu Yi flatly opened the way and waited for the Great God to return to study by learning from other people's experiences.

After all, he was also curious, himself so diligent, every day studying in his room, how the results can never go further ah?

The Great God returned from the toilet, his face was very fresh, he had just laid his head on the table, and prepared to sleep.

Lu Yi still hasn't slept, intending to open his mouth. But the God who had buried his head in his arms made a muffled voice, "Next physics class, remember to sit up straight."

Lu Yi sat upright and was willing to cover him.

"That's... I'll learn from you when you wake up in the afternoon." Lu Yi whispered a word to Huo Chen. Vaguely heard that Huo Chen seemed to be muttering in response.

During the day, during lunch break, Huo Chen got up on time, went to the small shop to buy a lot of snacks and sat at the 'eat breakfast' table.

"That's ... Chen Ge ~~" Lu Yi looked at Huo Chen.

"Do you want to eat?"  Huo Chen took bread in one hand and milk tea in the other hand, and placed a small piece of bread into Lu Yi's hand.

Lu Yi stuffed the little bread back and looked serious, "I didn't eat ... I want to ask you."

"Just ask." Huo Chen stopped eating, seriously looked at Lu Yi.

"During the math test last time, you didn't fill in four questions, did you? Didn't you not listen to the class? Why are you the one who never focused on class, but can get very good grades?"

"Do you want to know?!" Huo Chen smiled strangely.

"Uh yes. That's it," Lu Yi nodded as if pounding garlic.

"Come here ~ come ~ come ~."  Huo Chen moved his finger.

Lu Yi understood this movement and understood the meaning of repetition three times. It means that Huo Chen will pinch his face.

Because Huo Chen and him sat at the same table, Lu Yi did not ask Huo Chen questions, and Huo Chen began to be very generous. Then, when he asked for perseverance, Huo Chen began to improve conditions.

Pinch a face in exchange, choose to fill in the blank and pinch twice.

Both of them were men, Lu Yi felt that this pinching face gesture was unambiguous, only he was a bit unwilling to have his 21K pure gold face disrupted.

But to study! For knowledge! No choice.  However, Huo Chen's hand was not thick, it would not hurt.

Lu Yi automatically got his face close, Huo Chen immediately pinched him left and right, then pinched his nose.

"Chen Ge, why did you pinch me twice today?"

Huo Chen felt sorry if he only pinched him twice. "Today's question is not an empty choice. This is not a big question. This is a question that determines a turning point in your life. I can't bear it three times."

"Chen Ge, you mean you pinched twice, right."

"Yes." Huo Chen put down milk and bread, and pinched him. This time it was a little stronger, and Lu Yi's gentle face turned into like a ripe peach.

"Chen Ge, I sincerely ask you, I really want to know how to be a Great God like you."

"My study method ..." Huo Chen moved to Lu Yi's side. "You come closer, I'll tell you straight away."

Lu Yi approached. Huo Chen suppressed the sound in the air, slowed down his speed, and whispered Lu Yi's ear.  "Because of genetic."

Lu Yi's face darkened. What the heck is that? Because of your genetic! Lu Yi showed two claws to attack Huo Chen's face, "Huo Chen, you liar! Compensation!"

"No, no! I still have to pinch you!" Huo Chen hurried forward and did not admit a mistake.

Both of them pinched each other, reluctant to separate themselves.

Incidentally the class bell rang, the most ferocious chemistry teacher the year entered the class, and slammed the book that was brought to the table. "You are all sophomore! Still don't have a bit of awareness! What is time! Time is money! Can't you review the lessons during interval! What is this attitude of learning! Huo Chen, Lu Yi, you two, get out of here!"

"Oh ~"

"Oh ~"

Outside the classroom, both of them bask in the sun.

Lu Yi had a depressed face, "It's your fault!"

Huo Chen grinned. "What I said was indeed a fact. I was born smart. The four questions I didn't fill last time because I didn't sleep well and played the Internet the day before. I was half-conscious during the exam so I didn't fill the remaining four, I used the rest of the English afternoon tests to do it, that's not really difficult."

The Great God prides himself. Already ruining his golden face, now still did not forget to stab a knife in Lu Yi's heart, "The last four, you must be mistaken."

"How dare you! You're still mocking me! Is your face made of silicone?" Lu Yi immediately turned to him! Showing his claws, Laozi will scratch you to death today!

They both once again made a mess, and it was difficult to separate themselves.

The most ferocious chemistry teacher the year walked out of the classroom with a book in his hand. His expression was furious. "Let you realize! What are you doing outside! You two! Go to my office after class!"

Huo Chen looked at Lu Yi while raising his eyebrows, letting your hands itch?!

Lu Yi looked at Huo Chen with twitching lips, you don't need to show off in a flashy manner, as if you didn't go to the office!!


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