Dec 1, 2019

24. Demon Fangs

•Oh, My Dear! Chapter 24•


Towards the end of October, the summer ends. Shi Xi still continues to write, and Guo Zhi is still the usual Guo Zhi.

Hua Guyu who was in the next class came to Shi Xi and sat beside him. "Boring! Shi Xi, do you know a way to keep me from being bored?"



"Shut up!"

Hua Guyu looked at Shi Xi with an expression of hatred. Even though he is used to Shi Xi who is indifferent, but his hatred will remain eternal. Hua Guyu clapped the table loudly, "I decided to choose this time!"

Hua Guyu's eyes moved to watch the girls in Shi Xi's class room, those who were staring looked down embarrassed. Hua Guyu pursed his lips while folding his arms. "The girl in red isn't pretty, her facial features are not soft, her chest shape is a bit strange; The yellow one is even worse, even though her face is beautiful, but her smile isn't beautiful; Hey, is there no one suitable for my face?!" Critically Hua Guyu judged the girl who did not match his estimation.

Shi Xi, who was getting distracted, glanced at Hua Guyu, "Hey, you!"


"Actually you're quite handsome." Shi Xi said this to get rid of him.

Hua Guyu was shocked as he stood up and pointed at his own face. "You say my face is quite handsome? Just quite? I am very handsome. I will not forgive you. I hate you, I hate you, Shi Xi." After saying that Hua Guyu turned and jerked out of class.

Shi Xi's classmate looked at him and also Hua Guyu's abnormality in surprise. They did not understand, how could a campus prince like Hua Guyu know Shi Xi who was so ordinary. Shi Xi realizing to be the center of attention, pulls his hat down and then refocuses with his book, ignoring the surroundings.

Hua Guyu whose heart was seriously injured, needed healing. It took him a long walk to find Guo Zhi's class. The girls in that class looked at Hua Guyu with admiration. Hua Guyu stood outside the classroom and shouted, "Guo Zhi, hurry up and get out!"

"What is wrong?" Guo Zhi came out hurriedly thinking something serious had happened to Hua Guyu.

"Someone called me quite handsome, what do you think? I'm very handsome right?" Hua Guyu still could not accept the quite word.

Guo Zhi got angry. "Doesn't make sense! You're so handsome." Finally, Hua Guyu's heartache was healed.

"You think so too right?"

"Of course! Hua er is a very handsome man. There isn't even a man in my class who can compete with you. Who would dare to say that? Outrageous!"

"Shi Xi!" Hearing the name come out of Hua Guyu's mouth, Guo Zhi's emotions slowly subsided.

"Maybe, maybe Shi Xi said that for a reason."

Hua Guyu took two steps back, pointing at Guo Zhi.  "You, you, you're a biased friend. You sided with Shi Xi because you liked him."  Hua Guyu realized what he had just said.  He thought Guo Zhi was evasive and would not admit it but Guo Zhi's response was different.

Guo Zhi was a little surprised then smiled. "Hua er, you already know but still want to be friends with me. Hua er, you are not only wise, but also very kind. Yes, I like Shi Xi."

Hua Guyu looked at Guo Zhi in disbelief.  He admit it? What did Shi Xi put in his body and make him change?

"What will you do later?"

"What else? Of course continue to like him." Guo Zhi's response was as if Hua Guyu was asking a silly question.

Again Hua Guyu groaned but could not find the right words. Guo Zhi doesn't need support or comfort, his expression now shows satisfaction.

"Come in! I'll go first."

"Okay, bye!" Guo Zhi waved his hand.

"What the hell, goodbye!" Hua Guyu left.

Guo Zhi returned to the classroom and was immediately surrounded by curious girls. "Is he your friend?"


"You have a handsome friend but you didn't introduce us, Guo Zhi."

Guo Yiqi who was applying nail polish turned around with a condescending expression. "Do you believe that it's his friend? Maybe it's just the person he deliberately paid to come and pretend to be his friend to be recognized. Isn't there a lot of people doing this now? If I were you Guo Zhi, I'd better use the money to buy fancy clothes."

"Is it true?" The girls stared suspiciously.

Guo Zhi is not angry. He thought Guo Yiqi might not be able to find a place to vent her current bad mood. Guo Zhi just smiled a little. "Thank you for your opinion and I'm fine wearing my current clothes."

How ironic. Since the last time arguing, Guo Yiqi has not liked Guo Zhi. Lately, she has always spoken ill of Guo Zhi and incited her friends to stay away.

"Did you just think I was lying? Your friend is just an ugly monster who always wears a hat, right? You two are the same."

"He's not ugly." Guo Zhi murmured. There was no intention to fight with that girl.

Guo Yiqi could not hear and only saw the movements of Guo Zhi's lips. She thought Guo Zhi was mocking her so she threw a bottle of nail polish into Guo Zhi's face angrily. Guo Zhi held his sore face, he did not understand Guo Yiqi's actions.

The lecturer entered the class after hearing the commotion and shouted, "Class will start, what are you doing? Hurry back to ur position and sit down!"

Guo Yiqi looked at the broken nail polish bottle with a depressed expression. Because it took a lot of money to buy it and now wasted it made her hate Guo Zhi even more.

After class ended, Guo Zhi went to the convenience store to buy wet tissue, removing the nail polish stains on his clothes. He met Hua Guyu there. "Hua er, what a coincidence."

"Of course there is only one campus minimarket, so it is possible to meet."  After saying that, Hua Guyu looked at Guo Zhi, "What's with your face?"

"It's nothing. There was a girl in my class wearing nail polish and accidentally hit my face. I'm leaving first!"

Hua Guyu was silent and only looked at the departure of Guo Zhi. His IQ can be seen directly from his face so he can clearly see Guo Zhi lying. He returned to the teaching building and went to Shi Xi's class.

"As I recall, your class over there."

"I met Guo Zhi."

"What is my business?"

"Of course it's your business. He has a bruised face and nail polish stain. Do you think he was bullied?"

Shi Xi doesn't respond. He still did not look up, busy with his business. Hua Guyu snorted then turned to go to his class.

Daytime classes make you sleepy. Guo Zhi who looked fresh stepped into the classroom. One student next to him complained, "This is very difficult. Guo Zhi, you understand so help me, please explain!"


Guo Yiqi who was sitting nearby heard the two men's conversation immediately turned, "Didn't I tell you not to talk to this strange person? If you want to be his friend, don't talk to me anymore." Guo Yiqi assumed that the whole class had to side with her, because she was beautiful and had lots of money. They must obey her orders.

The student next to Guo Zhi was immediately awkward and did not know what to say. Guo Yiqi smiled arrogantly.  "Disgusting people like you only have ugly friends. Do you need new friends? I don't think there is ugly one in this class to be your friend."

"Don't say he's ugly, he's not ugly!"

"Yes, in your eyes he is not ugly. Like someone who is blind because of love. Does not mean you also like men. After all, it's not unusual for you to do something like this. A little disgusting, not normal."  Those who were in the classroom felt Guo Yiqi had gone too far, but those who sided with the girl were involved in the tailing.  "Disgusting!"


Shi Xi stood outside the door, leaned back and folded his arms. Guo Yiqi realized that and grinned. "His ugly friend has come to pick him up, go Guo Zhi."

Guo Zhi looks at Shi Xi sadly. Because of him, Shi Xi had to get hurt too.

Shi Xi doesn't talk. He walked towards Guo Yiqi, slowly touching the tip of his hat and lifting up. The handsome face he hid was now visible. Even the sunlight shyly shined on it. On that face, on the lips, on the nose, then on the eyes and then the whole beauty is seen. A face that is once seen directly makes everyone stunned.

Shi Xi takes off his hat to the floor, put his face little closer to the shocked Guo Yiqi.  His voice was so cold, "If you still dare to call him disgusting, no matter who your father is, I will destroy you!"

He hid in the darkness to record the world, now he is gradually releasing demon fangs, only to fight the world.