Nov 14, 2019

13. Dull Trip

By noon, warm sunlight came in through the window and fell on the bed. Shi Xi blinks and opens his eyes, seeing Guo Zhi who is staring at him makes Shi Xi get up and sit up.

Guo Zhi stood up, "I will close the curtain, you can continue your sleep. I will remain silent waiting for you here." He really wasn't noisy, he even used his clothes to open a bottle of mineral water.

Shi Xi looked at him flatly. "What are you doing here?"

"Why are you still asking? Isn't this the right time to go on vacation together? I have taken pains to ask permission for this. Look! I've packed up." Guo Zhi shows his backpack.

Shi Xi leaves his bed. "What does that have to do with me?"

"Of course this is your business!" Guo Zhi flattened his lips. He will open his mouth again when at the same time Shi Xi takes off his shirt and just throws it to bed making Guo Zhi stumble. "And, and ..." Ah, he had forgotten what he wanted to say again.

Guo Zhi waved his fingers while looking at Shi Xi's clothes on the bed, "Shi Xi, don't take your clothes off in front of me again next time. That makes my mind blank."

Shi Xi just glanced over at him. The look on his face did not seem to care what Guo Zhi said. Shi Xi doesn't respond, he goes to the toilet.

There wasn't much stuff Shi Xi brought in his backpack. Only a few clothes, a few books and a laptop. They went to a city not too far away. The bus drove slowly on the highway. Shi Xi saw the scene that was passed through the window. His ear was blocked with a earphone.

Guo Zhi sat next to him. Reading a book while chewing on a biscuit. When the crumbs fall littered the book, he cleaned it and then refocused on his reading.

No long after, Guo Zhi glanced at Shi Xi, the perfect side of the man's face that was not properly covered by a hat caught his sight.

Guo Zhi suddenly felt his heart beating.  He immediately rubbed his eyes strongly to remove the image of Shi Xi's face. The crumbs of the biscuits stuck to his hand entered his left eye making Guo Zhi unable to open his eyes.

Shi Xi who felt the movement next to him turned around and saw Guo Zhi who was busy rubbing his eyes. "What are you doing?"

"Something entered my eyes."

"Don't rub!"

"It hurts."

"I told you not to rub." Shi Xi holds Guo Zhi's arm. Then looked at Guo Zhi's reddened eyes.

"How?"  Guo Zhi asked worried.


"Really? But why am I still seeing you? Then what should I do with my lecture later? I need my eyes." Guo Zhi panicked.

"Do you believe? Don't you have a brain?"

"I really trusted you but you lied and even scolded me!"

"Don't rub!" Shi Xi came close to Guo Zhi's left eye then blew softly. Guo Zhi's heartbeat increasingly intense.

"You're so great!" Praise Guo Zhi while squeezing his clothes on his chest. Do not know, this statement is for Shi Xi's actions that succeeded in restoring his eyes or because he managed to raise his heart rate.

When they got off the bus, the sky began to get dark. Shi Xi is not a person who plans to go, and Guo Zhi is a person who will follow Shi Xi wherever he goes.

This strange city is really curious. Guo Zhi likes this strange and refreshing sensation. Surrounded by strangers, dialects and foods. They blend in it.

Both chose to stay in a small hotel. There was an old man in tattered clothes in front of the door, looking pathetic. Guo Zhi took out several bills and put them in front of the old man.

The owner of the hotel was very unkind.  Ignoring the smeared face makeup sitting in front of the computer. "How many rooms?" She asked lazily.


"Identity card."

Guo Zhi stood in front of the counter undisturbed with a hotel room that smelled of cigarette smell and strong perfume. Guo Zhi smiled looking at the hotel owner in front of him. "Boss, you need to take a walk."

The hotel owner saw it nonchalantly and didn't respond.


With a dull room door card in his hand, Guo Zhi followed Shi Xi's steps up the carpeted stairs to the room on the third floor. He looked around as if there were interesting things that could attract his attention.

They entered their respective rooms, but after a while, Guo Zhi came out and knocked on Shi Xi's room loudly. "There is a strange noise in my room." Guo Zhi is scared.

Shi Xi frowned. He intended to check but was prevented by Guo Zhi. "Don't go there. Usually people who don't believe in horror thing and go to see it, will die first."

"Come on!"

Guo Zhi walks behind Shi Xi to enter his room. A faint moan of a woman was heard.

"Is that a ghost?"


Guo Zhi's face turned red. Do not know what to say. The moan continued.

Shi Xi saw Guo Zhi's vague reaction. "You never watch level 3 movies?"

"Of course not." Guo Zhi's face turned even redder. His ears even blushed. "I only watch movies level 1 and 2."

"Your taste is shocking."

"I don't understand what you're saying! Level 1 is a self defense film, and level 2 is a romantic film. Isn't that right?" This is only his own opinion. Guo Zhi actually doesn't know. "Right?" his voice slow down.

"It's definitely not that."

"What? Really?" Guo Zhi closed his mouth.  His face paled. Back in middle school, to prove his mother that he was a good kid, Guo Zhi went to the kitchen and said, "Mother, don't worry. I've never watched level 3 movies, I only watched levels 1 and 2." Her mother's expression turned strange and just whispered. "What did this child say?"

Now, Guo Zhi has difficulty accepting this new thing he knows.

Shi Xi squinted, "Because of your stupidity, you must have told many people."

"Only, only three or four."

Not surprisingly, their reactions have become strange but have never been corrected.

"Your stupidity always surprises me." Shi Xi said in an ironic tone and then returned to his room.

Not long after, Shi Xi returned to Guo Zhi's room with his bag to switch rooms.

Shi Xi's room is so quiet. Guo Zhi lay under the blanket after bathing. Thinking Shi Xi was in the next room, Guo Zhi felt an inexplicable feeling of relief. He does not care about the surrounding circumstances or anything else because what he cares about is here. It was an amazing experience.

Shi Xi stood in the window looking at the night sky. The sound of moans in the next room is still faint. A lit laptop light illuminates his dark room as his empty journey.

The reason he chose this place was not because he was a poor student, but Shi Xi had his own plans.

Guo Zhi wants to show Shi Xi the beauty of the world.

However, Shi Xi wants to show Guo Zhi the bad side of the empty world.

Shi Xi considers many things useless, and Guo Zhi's innocence is the most useless thing for him.