Nov 8, 2019

8. Your voice can ease my pain

Today's perception seems a little different, Guo Zhi frowned, held his left face and pursed his lips.

"What's with that weird face of your?"  Asked Wang Linlin.

Guo Zhi looked at her annoyed, "My teeth hurt."

"Why don't you go to the dentist?"

"I think the pain will quickly disappear."

The result, the pain even worse. At the moment Guo Zhi doesn't want to sit in class. He exited through the back door and went to the next class.

Apart from Shi Xi, there were only a few books and words on chalkboard visible in the room. Guo Zhi is still standing outside the classroom. "Shi Xi, will your teeth hurt?"

"Will not."

"Awesome!" Despite being in pain, Guo Zhi did not forget to give excessive praise to Shi Xi. He continued, "My teeth hurt a little right now, but I'm sure it will get better soon."

This time, Shi Xi looked up and saw Guo Zhi's left swollen cheek. "There's no need to go to the dentist, you'd better go to a tumor specialist to check it out."

"Too much. This swelling isn't severe. Aw ~" Unbearable pain arose the moment he finished his sentence. Guo Zhi took a few steps towards Shi Xi. Stop for a moment and step again, then stop and step again until Shi Xi's desk arrives.

"Just act like an idiot in your class."

"I tried to approach you slowly to ease the pain."

"No, it will only hurt more." Shi Xi holds a pen and pokes Guo Zhi's left cheek. Guo Zhi's pain increasingly throbbed, he covered his face, frowning against the pain. His eyes glared at Shi Xi, "You're so amazing, poking right to hurtest point."  Already like this, still giving excessive praise?!

Shi Xi holds the book and then leaves the classroom. Guo Zhi still stood in his position. His expression of being neglected looked so pitiful. Shi Xi didn't turn around, "Let's go. I'll take you to the dentist."

Guo Zhi's eyes shone like sunlight. He nodded excitedly and followed Shi Xi. His face was more radiant than usual. His face was not fit to accommodate him and he could only plug it directly into his heart.

The slogan to express Guo Zhi's mood now: With Shi Xi's fake permission letter, no matter how tight the access, he will not be afraid wherever they go. Hey, this is great!

The weather was very hot, and people with umbrellas walked around. Guo Zhi and Shi Xi were exposed to the sun's glare, and their shadows on the ground were a little closer than their actual distance.

At the edge of the road, a tattered man was kneeling on the ground, prostrating many times to the hurried pedestrians, completely insane. Guo Zhi hurriedly took money from his bag.

Shi Xi nonchalantly stands beside Guo Zhi, not stopping him.

"What a pity, did you see what was written in the front, the old man died and was seriously ill, the leg was deformed by an accident at work. Now requires a prosthetic limb, waiting for money to save his life." Guo Zhi took out 50 yuan to give to the disabled man, with good intentions he said, "Is it enough? I only have this much, I still use it to see the dentist. Sorry, my teeth really hurt." Guo Zhi looked at him guiltyly.

The man shed tears, "Thank you, thank you."

"You're welcome."

The two of them exchanged polite speeches for a while, then Guo Zhi with his swollen cheeks continued to walk happily.  Shi Xi didn't rush away, he stood by the man's side. The man thought he was a big customer, he continued to bow. Shi Xi's handsome face was expressionless, he extended his hand, "Give it back!"

The man was surprised, "This has been given by your friend, you want to ask it back."

Shi Xi kicked his leg, the man grinned painfully. Shi Xi coldly said, "Your legs are disabled. Can you still feel pain?" He stretched out his hand, slender fingers moving. Shi Xi looks down from a height at the kneeling man. The man angrily looked up, he could see Shi Xi's eyes from this angle. Those dark eyes, only pitch black.  With fear, the man returned Guo Zhi's 50 yuan to Shi Xi.

Guo Zhi who had stepped in front, turned around and saw Shi Xi still standing in front of the lame man. Guo Zhi decided to go back there.

"What are you doing?"

"Give him something."

"Shi Xi, you're really kind!" Guo Zhi's tone of voice sounded so sincere.

"That is me." Shi Xi reluctantly answers carelessly. He secretly inserted the 50 yuan in Guo Zhi's pocket.


Arriving at the dentist's clinic, Guo Zhi held his face, "I believe in the doctor's ability, it will not hurt."

"They only use knives, drills and small hooks to stab your teeth."

Guo Zhi flattened his mouth. Past the glass door, he saw cold equipment and suddenly intended to run away but Shi Xi caught him and dragged him inside.  Finally Guo Zhi sat in a special chair. The doctor wore a mask and directed the light on Guo Zhi's face. "Open your mouth, I'll check it." The doctor uses a small glass to examine inside his mouth. "Your teeth have holes and are inflamed. You have to take action immediately, if not, it will get worse."

Guo Zhi nodded.

"Do you want to wash your teeth? We're on a discount, and your baby teeth are useless, you can pull them out, it will look better." said the doctor again.

"Is it true?"  Guo Zhi seemed interested.

"He doesn't need it."  Shi X briefly refused.  His tone makes people speechless. Guo Zhi and the doctor fell silent. Shi Xi sat on the bench and opened his book.

When everything was ready, the doctor took the hook and started pointing it at Guo Zhi's mouth.

Guo Zhi's forehead puckered. "It hurts, hurts." He did not see the doctor but his eyes were on Shi Xi.

Shi Xi didn't respond.

"Don't talk now." The doctor reminded.

"It hurt. Shi Xi, this is really hurt." Guo Zhi ignoring the doctor's words and grimacing in pain in his chair.

Shi Xi frowned impatiently, his eyes fixed on the book and began speaking, "Flooding knocked down the homes of two baby bunny brothers, they cried out to escape from hunger. Night covered the earth, mountains and forests, two baby bunnies sat down crying on the hillside to rest, even their eyes are red from crying."

"Don't cry! Don't cry! Good children never cry."

"Who is talking to us? The voice is very beautiful." Said the rabbit.

"It's like mother's voice, this voice comes from heaven." Another rabbit responds.

The two rabbits looked up at the sky.  There was aunty moon who was smiling.

"Are you talking to us?" Asked the rabbit.

"Yes. When the sky becomes dark, aunt will guide you." Said the aunty moon.

"Aunty Moon, we don't have a home, what should we do?" Asked the rabbit.

"Houses that have been destroyed, can be made new ones. You can build the new one on the hillside." Aunty Moon said.

"Well." Two rabbit siblings are preparing to make a new home. Make a hole in the hillside.

Cold air blew on the hillside. The two rabbit brothers worked hard to make a new home. They did not feel tired, because there was aunty moon by their side. A new house has been successfully built, two rabbit siblings will live there. Aunty Moon smiled and said, "Kids, I pray for your life to be filled with happiness."

Shi Xi's voice is not tonal, has no emotions, but it can ease Guo Zhi's pain.  The pain of his teeth was forgotten by a fairy tale Shi Xi read to him.


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