Nov 6, 2019

7. Guo Zhi's Garden

With the university entrance exam approaching, all burdens and pressures become higher and higher making students' lives like the verge of death. Trying to keep all the material in their head or pray so that the college entrance exam can produce good grades for themselves.

Wang Linlin did not have any serious target. Being accepted to a low-accredited university was enough for her. She does not care about the quality of the campus.  She only cares about how many handsome men are there. Meanwhile, Guo Zhi cannot relax. His father had high hopes. He couldn't bear to see his father's disappointed face, so he would try hard.

Guo Zhi and Cui Chenglong sat on their beds to read books. Cui Chenglong has prepared a small flashlight to stay focused later when the lights of the dormitory are turned off, unlike the case with Guo Zhi who is not too pushy, he only studies at the time, and will rest when it's time to rest.

Their bedroom was instantly dark. Cui Chenglong turned on his flashlight, and Guo Zhi ended his study session then lay down.

"What do you think is the most memorable thing in high school?" Cui Chenglong asked. He cannot focus on reading.

"Buttocks are getting wider because sit often."

"I really feel helpless with your thoughts! I'm talking about falling in love."

"Falling in love? But the teacher says falling in love is terrible, can disrupt study, affects the future."

"Even terrible, but if you like it, will you be afraid?" Asked Cui Chenglong. Today he received a love letter from a girl in the next class make his heart happy.

"If you like it?"  Guo Zhi repeated Chenglong's sentence, Shi Xi's face accidentally broke into his darkness. Guo Zhi pulled the blanket and wiped his head.  This habit is done every time he want to erase something that comes to mind. He then continued, "I'm not in love, the teacher said it's not good. I'll wait until I feel it and decide."

"The positive energy in your speech is so strong. I must continue reading." After hearing Guo Zhi's opinion, Cui Chenglong decided to put aside the issue of love at this important time.

The next day, Guo Zhi had to keep studying in class so he went to the cafeteria and took food and then returned to class to continue reading. He entered through the back door and his eyes were intentionally fixed on the next class. There were only a few students in there and most of them slept with their heads on the table. Seeing Shi Xi reading a book, Guo Zhi immediately put down his lunch box and went to the next class, sitting next to Shi Xi.

"You didn't study?" Guo Zhi asked after looking at the cover of the book Shi Xi read.

"Learn more, will it be useful in the future?" Shi Xi doesn't take off his eyes from the book.

"It will be useful when you get a bachelor's degree."

"Are scholars used a lot?"

"Yes, but I want you to go to university with me."

"What's the point of going to university with you?"

"I'm very useful! I can help you look for material, I can help you write scripts, I can provide paper and pens when you need, I can buy some books online."

"Are we that close?" Shi Xi doesn't have any feelings, whether to the world, other people or to Guo Zhi.

Even so, don't know why, Guo Zhi always felt the warmth of Shi Xi. The warmth hit him and raised his own body temperature.  In the cold morning, Guo Zhi's heart feels warm.

"We can become close. I'm Guo Zhi (fruit), if you drink it, you will be happy."

"I don't like anything sweet."

"I'm not the sweet Guo Zhi." he replied with a thick face.

There is another book on Shi Xi's desk.  Guo Zhi opened the cover wide and found a preserved flower.

"So beautiful!" Whatever has to do with Shi Xi, it's always worth admiring.

"Take it and go! Don't bother me." Shi Xi's serious expression was inversely proportional to Guo Zhi who seemed to receive precious gold, he stammered, "Y-You gave this beautiful flower to me? Are you sure you gave it to me? Did you really give it to me?" Guo Zhi continued to ask in disbelief.

Shi Xi gritted his teeth, "Take it and get lost!"

Guo Zhi ran to his class to get his book and then returned and moved the dried flowers into his book. He hugged the book, "This is mine. I won't give it up even if you ask for it back."

Shi Xi looked at Guo Zhi's departure. The class president came and ran into Guo Zhi and then approached Shi Xi, "Hey, the teacher asked me to remind you that you must fill out the entry requirements for the university entrance exam."

"No need, I'm not going to college."

Hearing that, the surprised Guo Zhi turned around and looked at Shi Xi.

He didn't go to college? Why isn't he going to college? What will he do if he does not enter university? Where is he going? Many questions and disappointments in Guo Zhi's mind. If Shi Xi is not in college, how can he realize his idea to help Shi Xi find materials, write manuscripts, provide paper and pens when he needs them and buy books online? He just got to know Shi Xi in a short time and then they will separate forever?


Guo Zhi agreed with that answer. Either it leads to wanting to help for the future of Shi Xi or satisfying himself.

Guo Zhi sought a definite reason to convince Shi Xi to go to university. Finally there is only one conclusive conclusion.

On Sunday, Guo Zhi hurried back home.  His father hasn't come home yet, and his mother is out shopping. He quietly turned on the computer. It takes a lot of courage to do this. His heart was beating fast in his chest, and his ears were in focus if there was a sound from the front door.

When his parents returned, Guo Zhi had gotten rid of the evidence of his crime.  For the sake of achievement to help school friends, he kept this a secret.

After dinner, he returned to school, went to Shi Xi's rented room and knocked on the door, but there was no answer. He checked in the class, no one there either. Realizing Shi Xi was out, Guo Zhi decided to wait for him in front of the gate. He does not need to pay attention to everyone who passes by, because Shi Xi's unique appearance is definitely known even if only briefly.

Of course not long after, Guo Zhi saw Shi Xi's arrival. As he said, he ran into the world of Shi Xi. He pulled out the university profile sheet from his bag and showed to Shi Xi, "Look at this! The best university."

"No need."  Shi Xi just walked past Guo Zhi.

Guo Zhi always looks at anything positively and he does not want to waste this. He followed Shi Xi, "Everything on this campus is very good. There are male and female couples, crazy people, corrupt lecturers."

Guo Zhi still continued to talk at length following Shi Xi's footsteps.

"I heard that last year a girl dropped herself into the river because her boyfriend dump her, but fortunately she was saved."

"I heard, the dorm room there is often visited by thieves."

"I heard that two men fight each other until they are battered in the field of sports just to get a lover."

"I heard that there are strange people who often walk around campus barefoot."

"I heard that women's dormitories are often visited by thieves and take underwear."

"Shi Xi, there are many other interesting things. If you don't go to college, you will miss it."

Guo Zhi inserted the campus profile sheet into Shi Xi's bag, "Will you think about it again?"

Guo Zhi, you only collect bad info and ignore good info from that campus.

Shi Xi watched Guo Zhi who had put the campus profile sheet in his bag and now looked up at him with a smile. It was as if that expression was only Guo Zhi's. Shi Xi suddenly holds Guo Zhi's face, squeezing it with light force. Guo Zhi was stunned.  "Can this face cry?"

"Yes, but my tears are left for something else, and only smile is left for you." Guo Zhi's sentence sounded faint because his mouth pursed. He made sure to give his most beautiful smile even though his face looked messy and ugly.

For a moment, a strange feeling burst into Shi Xi's chest. Uncontrolled feelings.

Shi Xi released the squeeze of his hand on Guo Zhi's face, pushing him, "What an idiot."


When class began, Shi Xi took a language textbook from his bag and looked at the university profile sheet tucked in there. He opened the sheet. His expression was illegible.

On the other hand, Guo Zhi opened his language textbook and noticed the object tucked inside. Dried flowers Shi Xi gave.  The only flower in his garden world.


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6. Something you like is very easy to remember

Guo Zhi walked to his seat at behind with a history book in his hand. He leaned against the wall, "I memorized history and have forgotten it now."

Wang Linlin held his head and yawned.  "You're still better. I memorized just one sentence and forgot the first word."

Guo Zhi glanced at the idol sticker affixed to Wang Linlin's book. "But you remember the birthday, blood type and hobby of your idol in detail."

"You know, it's because I like it. I do it willingly, primitive people like you can't stop me. If I don't know the title of the latest Andy Lau movie, I feel like an ancient person."

"I feel good. By studying hard, in the future I will succeed and with power in my hands, I will be able to invite any idol, do they still dare to reject me?"

"Your idea is too difficult to achieve."

Guo Zhi folded his arms, "At least I have this idea, you will only see them from afar while drooling."


The second lesson is an independent class at night. Guo Zhi saw many school bags placed on the table, becoming pillows for his sleepy classmates. He looked up to see the ceiling, the sound of his other classmates constantly trying to memorize subjects entering his ears.  After 36 seconds, Guo Zhi suddenly stood up and went outside.

The atmosphere outside was very quiet, the breeze, the dim moonlight, he walked into the small garden, and sat down. He rested his head. This small park is close to the lake. There is a faint light there. Guo Zhi could not help but stare.

There, Shi Xi was on the edge of the lake, sitting upright and crossing his legs with a laptop on his lap.

Guo Zhi looks at Shi Xi, not wanting to interfere or come any closer. He did not care about their distance, he only cared about what was in his view.

Until finally Shi Xi closed the laptop, Guo Zhi shouted across the lake, "Shi Xi ~"

Shi Xi doesn't respond, but the principal's flashlight responds. The bright light fell right on Guo Zhi's face. He blocked the blinding light with his hands. Upon realizing he was found out, Guo Zhi was shocked and rushed into the bush to hide.  The principal wrinkled in confusion, sure if there was someone there, how could it disappear in an instant? The principal flashed around for a moment then left unsuspecting.

Guo Zhi came out of hiding like a ninja.  He was stunned to see his appearance then cleaned the leaves on his head and clothes.

Guo Zhi sees Shi Xi walking to the right, he walks to the left so he can meet Shi Xi.

"Shi Xi ~" This time he turned down the volume.

When he heard his name being called, Shi Xi suddenly turned to the left, away. Guo Zhi bit his lip, and walked towards the right.

So, the distance between the two is separated by the lake. Guo Zhi felt like they were shooting a romantic drama: Turning left and right.

Guo Zhi gritted his teeth, "You don't want to see me, forget it. I don't care." He turned and left.

As Shi Xi walks back into the school building and passes through a shrub in a small garden, Guo Zhi suddenly jumps from the bush with leaves clinging to his body, like a primitive in a historical book, he catches Shi Xi's shirt, "Catch."

Hearing the sound again, the principal returned to the two. "You guys are caught! Now there is no class, what are you doing here?"

"I, we ..." Guo Zhi wanted to jump back into the bush but Shi Xi held his collar. "He is a premature child, always sick and repeatedly fainted in the bush. The teacher asked me to take him to the hospital. Here is his permission." Shi Xi issues a fake permit and hands it to the principal.

The principal felt disbelief and then saw Guo Zhi who was filled with leaves then took the fake permit and examined it. He said softly, "Alright. Because it's like this, go fast. Health is important."

After they took a few steps away, Guo Zhi reluctantly asked, "You have permission. Do you often get sick?" He watched Shi Xi up and down.

"This permit is nothing, it can be reproduced." After hearing that, Guo Zhi was disturbed and reacted, he saw Shi Xi's pocket there was a lot of paper there. He issued one fake permit, then two, and countless.

Guo Zhi understood, the so-called permit letter was actually made by Shi Xi. The feeling of reticence in his eyes is getting stronger. Fake permits are equivalent to imperial edicts. This is a high school student's must have.

Hua Guyu came down from his room to buy drinks. When he saw Guo Zhi and Shi Xi, he knew what the man would call, "Hua er!"

"What? Do you know this strange person?"

Guo Zhi was not happy, "He is not strange. Hua er, if you look at his face, it will knock out your flower petals."

Hua Guyu shrugged, "In the end you don't have to be jealous of my appearance. Not everyone can grow like this." Said Hua Guyu while taking off Shi Xi's hat a little to see his face. Shortly after, he suddenly turned pale, shook his head in shock and took a few steps back. "No way. You can't be that handsome. You can't be that handsome. There's no one in this world who is better looking than me. I hate you, I hate you!!" Hua Guyu could not help but explode and run away.

Regarding Hua Guyu's abnormality, Guo Zhi was no longer surprised. Shi Xi nonchalantly voiced, "At this school there are a lot of crazy people."

"Yeah."  Guo Zhi agrees.

When Hua Guyu called Shi Xi strange, he was not happy. But as soon as Shi Xi called Hua Guyu crazy, Guo Zhi felt it was okay.

A firefly flies past in front of the two. Guo Zhi tried to catch it and saw the light from the insect's body, "Look! It shines."

"It's just an insect whose buttocks emit light.There's a lot on TV shows and animation."

"Regarding that, I often witnessed fireflies in large numbers appearing in front of the male and female main characters in the TV dormitory. Although it was only a fake effect, its still felt romantic."

"Rather than seeing reality, humans prefer something illusory."

"It's not like that. It's between jealousy and luck." Guo Zhi tried to catch the fireflies and then continued, "Even though they are not as beautiful as in the dorm, they can shine even weak, it feels warm." He reached out and touched Shi Xi's chest at will, right in the position of the heartbeat, feeling a little warm coming out from there. "Like here." Maybe not a little, it's like burning Guo Zhi's fingers. He immediately pulled his hand with a blushing face. He wiped it in his pants but could not shake the feeling.

Shi Xi doesn't care about Guo Zhi's strange behavior. He only watched the fireflies, the insects were flying slowly in front of them.  he bright light that shined from behind him did not illuminate anything, but was picked up by Shi Xi, it twinkled.

Still under the moonlight, a gentle breeze, but tonight it will not make you breathless and lonely. That's his breath, and he is around him.

He reads books, but does not see love; he watches DVDs, but only sees cartoons and horror; he writes novels, but only writes pain; he has many unnecessary things; he actually has good grades; he looks good;  he is hidden in the world to observe and describe the world in a calm way; he will be separated from the world when he writes; he is Shi Xi.

This is what Guo Zhi knows so far.

Everything about Shi Xi is easier to remember than history, mathematics, and all textbooks.

5. Deep

Sunday, school was closed, and Guo Zhi returned home early. The house is not spacious but is very orderly and clean. His mother was cooking in the kitchen smiling happily to welcome Guo Zhi, "You've come, how's your test? Go wash your hands and get ready to eat."

"It's not that difficult." Guo Zhi answered turning the faucet then washing his hands.

His father just returned from outside. His face is always serious and fierce. He took a cigarette from his lips when he saw Guo Zhi. "How was it this week? You didn't make trouble?"


"I passed the internet cafe and saw lots of teenagers coming in. Very unusual. You don't follow them."

"I know."

"You really have to know."

His father, Guo Yunyong was a military veteran. His character is impatient and old-fashioned. He educated his family to obey the rules. Do not talk when eating, must go home before six o'clock on holidays, are not allowed to play online games. Many things are forbidden in this family. Guo Yunyong is actually a cruel person, he has his own way to educate Guo Zhi. Rattan of various sizes are placed in the corner of the living room. From small to biggest sizes. If Guo Zhi causes serious problems, Guo Yunyong is not reluctant to use the rattan to give lessons, and Guo Zhi's gentle type mother always follows the rules of this family. Like any other family, have an ordinary and harmonious lifestyle.

"The university entrance exam will start soon, study seriously, listen to the teacher's words. If your test results are good, we will go on a family vacation."

"Yes, I will study hard."

After eating, Guo Zhi rested a few hours.  When it was late afternoon, he said goodbye and returned to school. Sit on the bus and pay attention to the view behind the window. When he arrived at school, Guo Zhi saw Shi Xi, opened the window pane and shouted, "Shi Xi."

Shi Xi hears a faint shout calling his name.  The voice appeared again, "This is me Guo Zhi. I'm in the bus."

"Do you want to die by taking your head out of the window?" Shi Xi gritted his teeth in response to Guo Zhi's enthusiasm.

When he arrived at the stop, Guo Zhi followed Shi Xi who was not too far away.  "Where are you going?"

"No need to tell you."

"Then I'll follow you, don't you mind?

Before their eyes, there is a five-story house with many rooms, especially provided by tenants who live far from home. Many people came in and out of the hallway. Guo Zhi follows Shi Xi until he arrives in front of a room in the corner. Shi Xi takes out the key then opens the door. Guo Zhi behind him was jealous, "Turns out you live outside. It's great."

Shi Xi enters and intends to close the door but Guo Zhi holds him, "Can I come in and have a look?"

"Can your brain have a little awareness? Casually follow strangers back home." Reject Shi Xi.

Guo Zhi ignored him and immediately barged in. "But there aren't so many bad people in this world. After all, I'm a man not a girl. How can they threaten me?" The level of stupidity of Guo Zhi is extraordinary.

The lights are turned on, the situation inside can be said to be messy but not too.  There are various kinds of books scattered around the corner. Old paper piled high in the trash. There is a laptop and a lot of pens on the table. Guo Zhi paid attention to the books, there were only types of fairy tales to the world's popular books. There are no stories of love and martial arts. In the other corner there are various DVD cassettes, such as cartoons and horror.

"Don't you like love stories?"

"Is there something like that?"

"But love will be sweet and make happy."

Shi Xi took off his shirt and hat to the floor, he took a change of clothes in the closet, "Love will be betrayed, it will hurt, and it will disappear."

"No, love, love, love is ..." Guo Zhi wanted to continue arguing but he couldn't just focus on Shi Xi's face. The man's innocent body faltered Guo Zhi's mind.

Shi Xi goes to take a shower and leaves Guo Zhi alone. As soon as the toilet door was closed, Guo Zhi dropped into the bed and cursed at the strangeness that had occurred to his mind. The smell of shower soap that burst and penetrated Guo Zhi's smell, he immediately got up from the bed and rubbed his face, removing the fragrance.

Guo Zhi wanted to divert that thought, he took mineral water from his backpack and then sat in front of Shi Xi's laptop and watched the paper scattered next to him, sheets of textbooks, sheets of newspapers, and various other types of paper which contained sentence strokes.

The bathroom door opened and startled Guo Zhi. He hurriedly got up and explained, "I didn't read your writing. I'm just standing here." But because of the panic, the mineral bottle in his hand was unstable and fell onto the table, water reminiscing out soaked all of Shi Xi's papers and laptops.  Guo Zhi lifted his shirt and wiped it here and there while apologizing, "I'm sorry. It's my fault. I'm really sorry."

Shi Xi is already wearing a t-shirt, his hair is a little damp, and there is no expression on his face. "Not something important."

"How come you don't mind? You're angry at me, don't mind my feelings." Guo Zhi raised the mineral bottle while continuing to wipe the wet laptop with his sleeve. He saw Shi Xi, who was still not talking, "Are you angry?"


"You must be mad at me."


"You're really angry."

"I said no."

"I don't believe, if you're not angry. I will believe if you show your smile."

"It is impossible."

"That means you are indeed angry." Guo Zhi picked up the papers and blew them.  He opened the curtain and then held the papers in the sunlight that broke through.

"Don't do anything stupid." Shi Xi grabs the paper and puts it back on the table. Guo Zhi blinked and intended to step back but Shi Xi's slender and beautiful fingers held his head thinning their distance. Shi Xi stroke Gou Zhi's hair, "This is proof that I'm not angry." After that, Guo Zhi was pushed away.

Guo Zhi felt his hair from Shi Xi's, and could not interpret the emotions in his heart now.

Back at the dorm, Cui Chenglong, Guo Zhi's roommate is focusing on the final level book. He was surprised to see Guo Zhi, "What trendy hair style is that?"

"Don't you think it's also good?"

"Of course, it's so terrible! You also have to care about your hair style. It must be very embarrassing for you on the way here."

"Yes, but I don't want to change it."


"Nothing, it costs a lot of money. Designed by a hairdresser."

"Hairdresser? I think you should see him again and ask for your money back."

"Yeah, he has to pay for it."

But what does Shi Xi have to pay? Guo Zhi did not want to think about this matter more deeply, and saw what awaited him there, as if Guo Zhi's small heart refused.

4. No problem, I don't mind if you make me cry

The morning alarm went off at seven. Students are pressed into the field with a variety of typical hairstyles waking up. Guo Zhi who looked fresh mingled among them   He likes to get up early. He also likes morning exercise. He likes foggy skies. He likes to see the drowsiness of his schoolmates.

He likes the fact that it makes him suddenly stunned to see another scene. Shi Xi stood between the crowd of students who sometimes nudged his shoulder. Even so he was still standing there, his hand slipped in his trousers pocket, maintaining his posture, the hat he was wearing lowered over his face, his expression unreadable.

Guo Zhi is a man with a big heart. Without any burden he stepped closer to Shi Xi. The distance between the two thinned to face each other, surrounded by the noise of the students around them. Guo Zhi reached out his hand then held the end of Shi Xi's hat, pressing down forcefully. "You have to hide this face carefully."

Afterwards the crowd dispersed. Shi Xi leaves in silence, nobody realizes his existence in this world, but he is accidentally discovered by Guo Zhi.

The end of morning exercise, students begin to prepare for the test. All desks are moved to a corridor outside the classroom.  When Guo Zhi saw Shi Xi who was also outside, he slowly approached for a friendly talk, "My grades are pretty good, I'll give you a cheat sheet. I know your grades are so bad, but you don't feel inferior. There are many students who also have bad grades like you." Is this what is said to be friendly?

"Back to your seat." Shi Xi was not moved in the slightest by that friendly attitude.

"Just wait, when I cough, it's a secret code for you." Guo Zhi looks serious. Like a messenger who will not ignore a stupid student.

The test took place in an orderly manner.  Every time Guo Zhi finished one question, he carefully copied the answer on a small piece of paper. After an hour, he coughs to get Shi Xi's attention. The man never turned his head. He coughed again and began to increase the speed of his cough making it no longer a secret code but looking like a seriously ill patient. The supervisory teacher came over, "Student, if you are not well, go to the doctor immediately."

"I am fine." Guo Zhi isn't used to lying. He squeezed a small piece of paper in his hand, strengthening his mind.

After the supervisor turned away, Guo Zhi took the opportunity to throw the little paper at Shi Xi.

Shi Xi frowns staring at the lump of paper landing on his desk. The ugly blob he opened, plastered small writings in it. Not only multiple choice answers, but answers written in full description.

Shi Xi looks up to see Guo Zhi winking his right eye as a good gesture.

Shi Xi pulled the corner of his lips. Soon he threw the paper back to Guo Zhi's desk.  The paper was opened, all the answers he wrote crossed out were left. There are several answers that were corrected when Guo Zhi compared. After that, Guo Zhi couldn't help but to shock. All of these answers are not only more precise but absolutely perfect. How could that man's grades be so bad?

Test results were finally distributed. Guo Zhi got a satisfying grade. He showed his score sheet when he met Shi Xi. "Thank you. Thanks to you, the teacher praised me in front of the class. How much did you get?"

Guo Zhi looked down at Shi Xi's grade paper on the table, 35 points.

"Did you deliberately fail this test?"

"No need to tell you."

"Annoying!" Guo Zhi scowled away. He is not angry. Guo Zhi is a person who doesn't get angry easily.

Guo Zhi returned to class and met Hua Guyu, "Hua er, I want to ask something."


"Don't call me that name!" Hua Guyu was a little angry.

"Why? I think it's good because you're as beautiful as a flower."

Hua Guyu's anger evaporated without remaining after hearing Guo Zhi's sentence.  He touched his face. "Then I'm not angry anymore. So what do you want to ask? Why am I so handsome?"

"No, I want to ask if you want to be a male prostitute, what mood and expression will you show? Can I take a picture of it?" Begged Guo Zhi.

"A male prostitute? What do you mean just now?" Hua Guyu almost exploded.

"Because I think your beauty is very suitable." Guo Zhi does look innocent but he is not stupid.

Hearing that praise, Hua Guyu crossed his arms, nodded in agreement. "That's right. Male bitches, ah, I just have to have a little more expression and exude my charm."  Hua Guyu started posing, Guo Zhi immediately took out his cellphone, "Don't move! Keep this charming gesture, I'll take a picture of you."

Praise after praise made Hua Guyu soar, he continued to display various expressions and poses making the two insane men the center of attention in the class.

During the lunch break, Guo Zhi brought his cellphone and returned to meet Shi Xi.  "I helped you find good material." Guo Zhi handed over his cellphone showing various portrait pictures of Hua Guyu.

"How will you write it?"

Shi Xi said dismissively, "Tragically died in the ditch because the customer was screwed."

"But it doesn't seem to make sense that he died in a ditch." You don't mean to reject Shi Xi's idea, do you?

"After being screwed repeatedly, died by the side of the road and then thrown into a ditch."

Guo Zhi nodded in understanding. "It turned out that your idea was very good."

"You are not allowed to boast me."

"But I want to praise you." Guo Zhi is stubborn.

The noise in the classroom began to quiet, and only the two of them remained. Shi Xi takes off his hat and throws it on the table, he picks up a notebook and rips a sheet then picks up a pen preparing to write. Shi Xi's movements did not escape from Guo Zhi's sight. Seeing the guys only in the first two seconds was enough to make him flutter, and he didn't expect that after the third second it made him tremble.

His glowing face, there is no right word to express. His head bowed, focused with the paper below, he was not only perverted by the world, but separated from the world.  Guo Zhi supports his face with both hands, watching Shi Xi. How strange God, creating people like him.

Shi Xi finished writing. He looked up and found Guo Zhi staring at him. "Why are you still here?"

"I do not know." Guo Zhi was honest, and continued, "This is very strange. I feel never bored to keep looking at you." Guo Zhi did not understand the meaning of his words, only revealed what he wanted to say. His expression was very innocent and spotless, it couldn't be juxtaposed with Shi Xi's world.

Shi Xi put his elbows on the table and leaned closer to Guo Zhi. He stared fixedly in the eyes of Guo Zhi. Shi Xi's breath that hit his face pierced straight into Guo Zhi's heart. He wanted to retreat but his body was stiff.

"Don't come near me. You will cry, Guo Zhi."  Shi Xi said in a cold voice.

Guo Zhi smiled warmly, "No problem, I don't mind if you make me cry, I will make you laugh with me."

3. Your Name

Wang Linlin looked at Hua Guyu who was not far from her seat. She had never seen a man like that in this arid place for years, "Really handsome, if only he could be my boyfriend."

"Yeah, handsome." Guo Zhi said nonchalantly.

"Even though you can't overreact to men, at least be nice. Isn't this a positive thing? There are still handsome men who want to come to our damaged school. You feel it too right?"

"Yeah." Guo Zhi did not care. He held a pen and quickly copied the names of students next classroom when the teacher submit the test results. Guo Zhi sat in the back row, sharpened his ears, ignored the names of the girls and wrote all the names of the boys.

Only in two seconds saw him, making Guo Zhi increasingly want to get to know him.  Why is his face hidden? Why did he sink it?  Guo Zhi's curiosity cannot be stopped anymore.

After class ended, the students jostled out as did the man in the hat. He walked along the corridor. Nobody noticed him except Guo Zhi. Armed with the knowledge of the name of the student he had memorized, Guo Zhi approached the boy and stood beside him. "Today's weather is good, Zhang Yong."

There was no response.

"Today's weather is good huh, Qin Xiaojun."

Still no response.

"I said, today's weather is very good huh, Wu Hao, Ren Chenchao ..." Guo Zhi said ten names in one breath.

Finally, the boy hissed, "Does your brain have no IQ?"

"Why are you scolding me? I'm Guo Zhi, what's your name?"

"No need to tell you."  The boy said then left.

The person who was ignored could only see the back of the boy far in front of him. He folded his arms, "He's the shy type."

Where does this confidence come from? Really stupid.

When the class bell rings, students begin to crowd the classroom. High school life at the end is so empty and boring. Every day just study and study. Ten minutes of rest is only enough to urinate. Math teacher with a short step into the classroom while carrying a triangle ruler and textbook. The first sentence he said, "Tomorrow there will be a test."

Students complain, "All teachers are the same."

What was on Guo Zhi's mind, "That's great, Test, you can play with the previous test sheet for a long time."

"There are still three months to go before the university entrance exam, and you guys should be anxious, not just playing what you think." The teacher can always look for sentences that burden the hearts of the students. The math teacher continued, "Gather the review questions that were distributed yesterday."

The review questions began to be collected from the back row until piled up in the front row. The teacher took it and immediately flipped two sheets, suddenly saying sharply, "Guo Zhi, what is this unclear scribble that you write?" No wonder the teacher will be angry, the review problem is filled with the name of the next class male student.

"I, I practice writing words."  Guo Zhi answered.

"What do you practice, there is no category for beautiful writing on the university entrance exam."

"Understand." Guo Zhi leveled his mouth, the names he had memorized had been taken by the teacher.

During the second quarter, Hua Guyu furrowed his beautiful eyebrows while returning to the classroom, took a mirror from the drawer and began to style her hair. Suddenly he shuddered and looked up to find a student in a hat who although he could not see his face, Hua Guyu was sure the boy was staring at him. He returned his hair, "Really, how can this face be so handsome, and there is always someone who likes me wherever I go."

Wang Linlin who was admiring Hua Guyu's good looks responded, "Don't mind him. That guy is strange."

Guo Zhi just stayed next to her. Hua Guyu was immediately crowned as school prince in no time, but the real prince in the eyes of Guo Zhi was a boy who was standing outside the classroom over there. Just by looking at it, Guo Zhi knows what a fairyland is.

Before the independent class began, Hua Guyu was surrounded by girls who asked questions. The man in the hat stood outside the classroom and only stared at Hua Guyu. He continued to pay attention to Hua Guyu's appearance, making Hua Guyu eyes unable to resist asking, "What are you doing?"

"Seeing you."  The man replied immediately, making Hua Guyu stare in shock but afterward arrogantly said, "I know that my charm is very charming, but I cannot accept your feelings." How narcissistic this person is!

"Turn around."  The boy commanded, his impatient tone made Hua Guyu unable to argue, he turned away. "All right, look at this perfection! I am everyone's dream."

"Pretty convincing." The boy murmured and then left Hua Guyu who was still swayed by the beauty of himself. Guo Zhi slowly stepped out of the classroom and found the man going up the hall steps. The stairs connect to the roof of the school but the door has been locked by the school so it is unlikely that students will go there.  What did the guy do?

Guo Zhi curiously followed him from behind up the dark, narrow and scary stairs. There was only the sound of typing the keyboard, the boy sat propped against the wall, folded his legs with a laptop on it.  The light from the screen illuminated his face. He seemed unaware of Guo Zhi's presence.

After a long time, the boy raised his face from the screen and found Guo Zhi who had been sitting on the steps below looking at him. Guo Zhi smiled innocently, "Are you done? Are you writing a novel? Awesome."

"No need to boast about me."

"I feel it is very good. Writing a novel is good. So the reason you pay attention to Hua Guyu is for inspiration? Do you write it as a hero or a knight?" Guo Zhi is curious.

"A male prostitute."

"The male prostitute is good. So caring and giving service to the needy."

"Which planet are you from, idiot?"

"Why suddenly scolding me, I'm telling the truth."

"So I scold you."

"You can't do this, you can't be friends."  Guo Zhi smoothed his lips.

"Friends? Wasting time on extra feelings like that isn't necessary."

"Don't waste time! Do you not feel lonely always alone?"

"Loneliness isn't necessary either." The boy's answer shocked Guo Zhi in disbelief. 

"If you feel everything is bad, then what's the point of living?" That question he had previously asked Wang Linlin.

"If you feel everything is good, then what else do you need to stay alive?"

After hearing that sentence, Guo Zhi wanted to make this boy without feelings for the world feel better.

The boy wanted to stand up and leave but Guo Zhi held his shoulder, "Want to live better, Shi Xi?" A smile that is so sincere, warm and as bright as the sun. Guo Zhi mentioned his name. Only this name that comes between the name he memorized from the scribble review. He did not know, suddenly the name came out of his mouth.

Shi Xi frowned. He brushed Guo Zhi's hand and stood up, "Stay away from my world."

Guo Zhi stood up, hands on his hips. "Don't worry, I will not enter your world, I will run with you to get to know the world."

They have opposite personalities, and Shi Xi's indifference has attracted the attention of Guo Zhi's innocent.

2. Where's the Prince?

At this school, there are no legends, only who wants to be weird with unusual clothes, they don't come to study, but to show fashion Week; there is no beautiful view, only bushes where lovers hide; no delicious food, only a mixture of rice and one type of side dish which was never replaced by aunt canteen; there is not even a good ethos of learning, only students who go climbing walls and playing all night, this school is nothing but monotonous and boring.

The third year of high school is the second tragedy after the first year. Parents and teachers reach out, rub the students with their palms, rub not the human form.

Guo Zhi entered into a boring and repetitive environment. Can't help thinking, he has a harmonious family, good friends, positive hobbies, and stable achievements, but why sometimes he experiences extraordinary loneliness, loneliness that is so strong, even though he was with others this loneliness can not be removed, only meaningless loneliness.

The headmaster carries a small flashlight and goes around the school. Guo Zhi whispered toward the bushes near the park, "Hurry and go! Headmaster come ~" It was just an ordinary bush which when moved, birds and other animals inside would scatter out, students who were smoking, as well as couples who were not wearing clothes. Suddenly turned into a personality conversion talent. As if nothing happened, they quietly discussed mathematics, language and geography when the headmaster crossed. This is the school in which hidden seeds of future actors and actresses.

Guo Zhi shrugged and smiled. "It seems like everyone is enjoying the school life. That's good."

What kind of man is Gou Zhi? Soft language, he is an idiot. In crude language, he is a very stupid idiot. In his eyes, everything looks beautiful. He is very blind and sees everything positively. To put it simply, if the sky suddenly rains, he will feel like he's shooting FTV. If there was a rain of knives, no matter how much stabbing to his body, he would think that his family could replace the kitchen knife for the next few years. If the sky rains urine, he will think because this is God's will then it has a beauty effect. If a woman's menstrual blood falls from the sky, he will think, God is actually a woman.

Whatever it is, he doesn't hide it.

Guo Zhi returned to the classroom that looked dead, books and question review sheets piled up on each student's desk into two ordinary scenes. Good grades on weekly exams, arguing with enthusiasm, weekly exam results with bad grades flanked by nail clippers. Guo Zhi sat on the back seat, hands on the cheeks, waiting for the night independent class bell to ring.

Students who have just finished playing basketball entered the classroom through the back door while bouncing the ball and then the ball bounced out of the classroom due to hitting a friend next to him. The ball rolled until it stopped at the feet of a student.

"Friend, get the ball!"

Without a response, the student simply left the basketball still lying in its original position. Guo Zhi could only see the back of the man with a hat on his head.

"That boy always seems to be wearing a hat. What's his face like?" Guo Zhi suddenly asked.

Wang Linlin who was on the same table playing with her hair was bored. "I don't know, maybe it's too ugly to show, it looks like he was in room 3 or 4. I heard from a friend there that he was strange, always wearing hats that were deliberately lowered. So far no one has seen his face, no one wants to see him. He is a person who is always neglected, achievement are ordinary, sports are ordinary, everything in him is ordinary, really unfortunate, going to school here completely destroys romantic fantasies like in the Meteor Garden series, I heard that there is a new student today, please don't let me be disappointed again!"

"Isn't being ordinary is normal? I think it's very good."

"You are someone who thinks everything is good."

"Is it?" Guo Zhi gave a small smile. "If you feel anything is bad. What's the point of living?"

Their conversation stopped when their teacher entered with a new student. The students are extremely happy. Wang Linlin is even happier. Her gaze seemed to expose the new student, "I have been hoping for the past three years, and finally my expectations are realized."

"For the past three years you didn't expect anything else? For example getting good grades." Guo Zhi's words made Wang Linlin look at him fiercely, but then stomped enthusiastically, "Don't you see the prince up there?! Really handsome. Our school is finally saved."

Guo Zhi also paid attention to the new student. Short haircut, handsome face with a smile that captivates the girls, his fashionable style of dress makes him like a nobleman who suddenly entered the slums. Guo Zhi nodded, "Quite handsome."

"What's enough? He's very handsome. Compared to all the boys in this school, no one can match him. Oh, my dream prince."

"You're too much."

"Your reaction is too bland."

"I'm not a girl. It would be strange if I overreact."

Their teacher introduced the new student, Hua Guyu, to move from one of the high schools in the big city. When they heard the word big city, the eyes of the students gave him a higher rating. Hua Guyu seemed to be used to being the center of attention, he walked to his desk proudly.

After receiving material from the teacher, the evening class ends. Today Guo Zhi is tasked with erasing the blackboard and collecting the students' homework. After waiting until everything was finished he put the house assignment in the teacher's room.

Guo Zhi returned to the dormitory with a book in his hand. He walked slowly up the steps of the dim lighting. His footsteps were heard clearly. At the same time, a man walks down the stairs. They passed each other.

Guo Zhi suddenly turned around, staring at the back of the man who had passed him. "It's okay. You don't need to be embarrassed because you have a bad face. I don't think that's bad."

The man stopped and coldly said, "Idiot."

"Sorry, I didn't mock you. I just don't want you to feel inferior because of your face. Why do you want to cover your face with a hat? Isn't seeing the sun very good? Are there scars on your face? Or were you born bad? It's fine. I have lots of ugly friends." Guo Zhi, you're saying this to make that guy better, but don't you think about your friends' feelings?

The man did not intend to respond to Guo Zhi's annoying questions and chose to leave. Guo Zhi thought he had hurt the man so he held his shoulders. The man coldly turned around. They are face to face. Guo Zhi's face was level with the tip of the man's hat.

"I'm not kidding. If you don't believe me, let me see your face. I won't be afraid of your ugly face." Guo Zhi said seriously and sincerely. Without waiting for the man's response, his finger moved to the end of the hat and slowly pulled it up until the entire face was visible under the dim light of the staircase lights. His face, his eyes, his eyelashes gradually fell within Guo Zhi's view. Two seconds later, he lowered the hat again. His heartbeat is going crazy. "You really deserve to wear a hat, goodbye!" Guo Zhi escaped frantically.

The man looked at Guo Zhi's run, "What an idiot."

That night, darkness took over and covered the view, but in Guo Zhi's mind, the portrait could not be eliminated. How could that man make his heart waver in just two seconds? That face, its beauty makes people unable to continue to see. The first second he removed the hat, only one thing crossed the mind of Guo Zhi, the prince was already here.

1. Introduction

This is an introduction from the original author, Angelina.

I only translated which I thought was important.


Another nonsense, of course.

When I edited my manuscript, I sometimes recalled my previous work and realized that something had changed from "I Want to Be Your Man" to "He is His Excellency Zhi Li". Actually, if you pay a little attention, you can immediately feel the difference in each of my stories, starting from the character Su Xiaomi to Kebu, gradually becoming more mature and also from the innocent Xiaomi, switching to Maiding, then Moka, and then Kebu becoming more evil.

I already told you that I have two types of characters, but these two characters coincide with time, one character swallows the other character. I can't say a novel that changes me or I change a novel. This is about that change.

One of my works is turned into a film, so more and more people know my novels. I was not overly happy or rejected. My love for my work makes you like it. Because your likes make it happen. All of that is now, so I must thank you again two years from now. Decided to publish this novel, not for anything else, just wanted to finish it immediately. This is about changes in the novel.

As time goes by things change, but many things remain the same.

For example, I once said from the beginning I would not use my novels as an escape, but this is still a problem. No matter what annoyance I experience in the real world, I will not pour out my sadness or anger just because of personal emotions. Instead, I need it, forget it for me, and the sadder the better.

For example, when I say that I only write what I like, I will not force myself to sacrifice everything even now. I don't like being too well-known, I don't like to present myself, I don't like promoting myself, I don't like because things like that affect my normal life. I like being alone and doing what I like. I don't like the outside world, it will mess up my mood. If you accidentally read my work and then like it, that's enough. I like things that are not exaggerated.

Then, thanks to my father who has supported me from all sides throughout this period.

He asked me, "What if you can't sell your book?" I answered, "What can I do? I admit that." Then he continued, "Make this an experiment first."

On the day the store opened, he contacted me again to ask how the sale was. I say not bad. He paused for a moment then said, "Someone recognized you."

My father called me again yesterday, "What are you doing?"


"If you're not busy, it's best to start writing something new."

From the beginning until now, he has continued to give me immeasurable trust, even as I write this, he has never changed.

I have written for myself since I was a child, and now I write for you to read and make a book. This road, even though it's long, come here, there's no request.

This crap is over, let's get started.

INTRO:: Oh, My Dear! [ English Version ]

Author: Angelina
Original title: ε“Žε‘€, 亲爱 ηš„
Length: 103 chapters + 1 extra
Genres: Romance, School life, Shounen Ai
Original Language: Chinese
Translated by Chocosalty
Raw here
Terjemahan Indonesia disini


"Why do you like men?"

"Do you care? Do you care about the reason or my feelings? You asked your question with disgust and accusation, so I won't answer it."

I just wanted to hit his back, shake his body, and then whisper in his ear, "Oh, my dear!"